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  • Lot C21, D2 Street, Cau Tram Industrial Zone, Can Duoc District, Long An Province
  • 1900.588.889

PHU BAO MEDICAL Introduction

Proud to be a member of the PHU BAO GROUP, we, PHU BAO MEDICAL, were established in 2016, carrying the spirit of Phu Bao, which is not only a name but also contains a profound meaning of sustainability and prosperity. Since its inception, PHU BAO MEDICAL has firmly built its position in the medical products market and won trust from domestic and international partners. This is not only a success for PHU BAO MEDICAL but also a clear demonstration of Phu Bao Group's quality and commitment to community health.

Since the early days, PHU BAO MEDICAL has clearly identified Northeast Asia as its main export market, opening the door for its products and services to conquer demanding markets such as Japan, Australia, Europe, and Asia. North America.

PHU BAO MEDICAL is not only a company that produces medical equipment but also a reliable partner, accompanying the development of the medical industry and building a sustainable future for global health. Please join us at PHU BAO MEDICAL, a place to improve health and build the future!

Brand development history

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The sales system and many distribution channels are widely developed throughout Vietnam, including MT, ETC, B2B, GT, OTC channels, and industrial manufacturing plants that have contributed to bringing PBM's products to the market closer to domestic and foreign consumers.